MA objects to Coram St 24 hour gym

Those of you there may well recall the opening of the new gym on Coram St was a hot topic of debate at this year’s AGM. Though everyone was happy to see a new business opening in the premises of the departed Finess First, there were strong differences of opinion on the proposed 24 hours trading. A vote on the evening recorded 9 in favour and 6 against, with about 20 abstentions.

Since this meeting The Gym has submitted its planning application, which has given rise to new concerns, primarily that the facility will not be staffed overnight. The MA committee has also been disappointed that The Gym has only given assurances in words about preventing nuisance being caused to residents living close by, with no specific actions to back this up. These should include staff being available on the premises. There is no indication of how residents might contact The Gym if they are, for example, woken by noisy customers.

As a result, the MA has submitted an objection to the planning application saying that, if The Gym can’t be more pro-active in dealing with local resident concerns, the business shouldn’t be permitted to trade beyond the same hours allowed for the nearby licensed premises, the Marquis Cornwallis and Callaghan’s pubs.

We are also extremely concerned to learn that residents of Foundling Court are being kept awake by the bright lights of The Gym premises, and the TV in its window – and that nothing can be done about this in Planning terms. We are surprised that there is no breach of planning when a new business causes such a nuisance, and have asked Camden to revisit this decision.


The Place Names of Camden



…. where do they come from? Camden archivist Tudor Allen will be giving a talk on the history behind familiar Camden place names on Tuesday 8th August 2017 at 7.15pm at Camden Local Studies & Archives Centre, 2nd Floor, Holborn Library, 32-38 Theobalds Road. Free entry.

Love my neighbour ..

The Hillview ‘Love My Neighbour’ Festival is taking place next Saturday, August 5th, Whidborne Street from 2pm – 10pm.

Always great events, this year’s festival will be another fabulous day, MV is sure, incorporating live music, dance, circus skills and music workshops for all. There’s family activity with The British Library & October Gallery, a variety of stalls, world food and a cocktail bar. Friends, family and all welcome to enjoy the day.

My favourite was the year ‘The Witches’ played….