Marchmont Association AGM

This year’s Marchmont Association AGM will again be held at the Holiday Inn hotel on Coram St, where we will review what we’ve been up to over 2016/17 and look forward to the next 12 months.

Main events of the year, for us, have been the openings of the Cartwright Gardens student halls, the ‘new’ public garden, and the footway upgrading in Leigh St (MA lobbied for that one several years back). Then there was, of course, the Tavistock Place trial traffic scheme  (which rumbles on).

There were four new blue plaques. There is definitely one, and only one, Marchmont St Party – making a welcome return in 2017 after successful fund-raising over the last six months.

And, interesting and perhaps surprising, this one – we saw the arrival of 12 new independent businesses and the demise of 6 high street chains in The Brunswick. We’re an independent minded bunch in Bloomsbury …

But what what were yours – and what do you think we should we be looking at this year? Come and tell us….

TUESDAY 16th MAY 2017, 6.45 for 7pm – 9pm.

As ever, we are grateful to the Holiday Inn hotel for hosting the meeting.


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