Tavistock Square 7/7 Memorial

We’ve had word from the 7/7 Memorial Trust, with encoruraging news on their plans to install a permanent memorial in Tavistock Place.

Chair of the Trust, Philip Nelson, says “We are delighted to report that we are at an advanced stage with the design of the memorial, following conversations with the families, local residents and with local statutory organisations, which should lead to the planning application being submitted in early April.”

Anyone wanting to support the application is very welcome to send a letter to Philp,  including a little bit about yourself and why this memorial matters both to you and the local community.

Letters can be posted to  Philip at Flat 12, 13 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SH. Need to be quick though – letters have to arrive with him by Monday 27th March. Alternatively, scan a signed respone and email to philip.nelson@tavistocksquarememorialtrust.org.

The memorial takes the form of a cast metal plaque within the Tavistock Square Garden. Its placement and inscription references the location of the incident. The memorial’s message is intended to be contemplated from within the garden square, however the memorial also announces a presence onto the public pavement outside the boundary of the railings.

The architects developing the design, Carmody Groarke, have previously worked successfully with the bereaved families to design and deliver the National 7 July Memorial in Hyde Park.



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