Regent Square in new ‘flexible’ locking plan from April


Regent Square is one of 15 additional parks that Camden Council has identified as safe enough to be managed using a “flexible” locking approach. In effect this means the Square will be left unlocked overnight, with some monitoring taking place to check if there is any increase in anti-social behaviour. The new arrangement comes in from April 1st – next week-end.

A further 12 sites are to be reviewed over the next six months, which could  lead to them being included in the flexible locking regime from September. Brunswick Square, St Andrew’s Gardens, Tavistock Square and Judd Street Open Space are all included in this trial.

There are no plans to change the overnight locking arrangememts for St George’s Gardens, Queen Square, Russell Square and Marchmont Street Community Garden.

Parks management is to be run by a new Camden contractor from April –  a company called Quadron Services, trading as idverde.

What do we think?

Photo credit: Velo Richard –


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