Tavistock / Torrington consultation out

We now know the question Camden Council is putting to us in the Tavistock / Torrington consultation. Just the two choices….

Would you like the current street layout (with a cycle track on each side of the street and one-way, mainly eastbound, motor traffic) to become permanent? If made permanent, improvements would be made, including wider pavements and stepped cycle tracks to replace the rubber blocks used in the trial.


Would you like the street to return to its pre-trial layout (two motor traffic lanes and one two-way cycle track)?

This is something of a surprise as many were expecting the Council to come out with a preferred option. But the consultation webpage simply says, “Feedback received and data collected during the trial, along with the results of the consultation, will be considered when making a decision.”

Detailed data on the trial results can be found here including traffic counts for cycling, pedestrians and motor traffic before and during the trial.

The consultation runs from 12 September to 21 October, with drop in sessions at Camden Town Hall (Judd St), Committee Room 3 on Thursday 22 September (12 noon to 2pm) and Wednesday 12 October (6.30 to 8.30pm)




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