Unlocking parks pilot – results in


brunswick-square.jpgIncidents of anti-social behaviour were only reported in three of the 31 parks that featured in Camden Council’s ‘Unlocking Parks’ pilot during June. A council report on the scheme says that 28 of the 31 parks that were left unlocked during the pilot had no reports of anti-social incidents at all and that rough sleeping incidents were confined to just four parks.

However, in parks that were categorised as ‘amber’ – left unlocked but given extra safety patrols – more drug taking was seen in five parks. The Council suggests this was possibly the result of the increased level of monitoring, rather than actual drug activity.

Detais of individual parks have not been made available, though Marchmont Voice has requested the results for the Bloomsbury squares in the pilot. These were Tavistock, Brunswick and Regenr Squares as well as St Andrew’s Gardens and Judd St Open Space.

The Council assures that no decisions have been made – yet – about the way parks will be locked in the future. But changes could come in with the new grounds maintenance contract from April 2017.


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