Residents should matter …. do we?

… is the key concern behind the creation of Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group, set up by residents of Judd St.

Local traffic is the group’s main concern right now – but the founder members see a wider need. Debbie Radcliffe explains her motivation for establishing the group: –

“The main reason for BRAG’s creation is the simple fact that we feel the streets south of the Euston Road are being targeted by decision-makers who do not live here, and who seem to have forgotten that a very large number of people do.  That really distresses me, having lived in Judd Street for so many years. We have therefore formed BRAG to be a voice for residents, who have been excluded for far too long from participating in decisions which impact on our daily lives”.
BRAG has been arguing actively against the Tavistock Place trial, with a petition on its website. But it doesn’t want to be seen as a single issue lobby. To that end, the group has organised a community planning day on Thursday 8th September, 1pm – 8.30pm at One KX on the corner of Judd Street and Cromer Street.
“Everyone is welcome – drop in for 10 minutes or stay all afternoon.”, says Debbie. “The key thing about the Community Planning Day is that it’s all about participation, not consultation.  Structured informality – practical involvement – not sitting around listening to other people speak. It is NOT a traditional ‘meeting’ as such, but we want to gather information and provide a platform for people to feel they can have their say, and it will be recorded and fed back to the Council.”
More info in the flyer below ….


BRAG flyer_CPDay-final2


One thought on “Residents should matter …. do we?

  1. It would be great to keep traffic levels high in the area. I am so pleased with your campaigning against these ridiculous pro cycling policies. I want to be able to drive my car whenever and wherever I please, thank you.

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