New uses for old kiosks

The urban activist Jane Jacobs used to love old buildings because of their great suitability for economic re-use. But MV wonders if even she could  have anticpated the  refurb ideas that entrepreneurs are trying out in Bloomsbury’s abandoned telephone boxes.

According to this week’s CNJ a New York based firm called Bar Works has been given the go-ahead to open their first Pod Work office kiosk in the UK – in the phone booth opposite Senate House.

Bloomsbury seems to be the chosen test-bed for a range of these urban retrofit ideas of the British design icon – other recent schemes have been the salad bar in Bloomsbury Square and, more predictably, a proposed coffee stall in Russell Square, which has not been taken forward.


This latest is an entire “office pod”,  with a 25-inch screen that can be used with laptops or phones, wi-fi and a printer/scanner. The business owners claim it’s aimed at those looking for “affordable, convenient work space in attractive locations”.

Presumably you won’t have to keep feeding it with 20p pieces to save your work.




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