Mary Mary

On a dark and stormy night during 1816 – the “Year Without Summer” – a young Mary Shelley, challenged by Byron, sets out to write the ultimate horror. In the turmoil of Mary’s mind, past and present blur, and the created becomes the creator.

The Frankenstein story is now being re-told in ‘Mary Mary’, a play by Theatre Mensch showing as part of  the Camden Fringe on 20th and 21st August at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre. The play celebrates the lives of Shelley alondonremnd her mother Mary Wollstonecraft – an extraordinary mother and daughter who never had the chance to know one another.

There’s a strong local connection to the Frankenstein story. Wollstonecraft married political philosopher William Godwin at St Pancras Church, and died giving birth to Mary in Somers Town. Marchmont St can even stake a claim as the birthplace of Frankenstein, since a house on the site of the current No 87 (now the Russell Supermarket) was Mary and Percy Shelley’s home when she started to write the novel 200 years ago.

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