Taxi Leaks … but who to?

MV has just had its best day ever – 244 views in one day. I wondered why. Helpfully WordPress offers a stats service so we can track who is viewing, from where in the world and who are our ‘top referrers’ – basically the websites people have connected to us from. The answer to the puzzle is this web-site …. Taxi Leaks, which has run a story today about a counter-proposal to the Tavistock Place scheme, worked up by Imperial Hotel Group.

MV doesn’t know the details of this Imperial Hotels’ proposal, and none are given on the web-site, though IH did approach us to discuss their concerns a while back. Does anyone else? Our  guess is that it will be a return to two-way road traffic, with space squeezed for both cyclists and pedestrians.

We should re-iterate – for the benefit of the Mayfair Mob as well as anyone else – MV doesn’t have a position on the Tavistock Place scheme. There is a link on the Taxi Leaks web-page to one recent post on MV. But there are mixed views amongst local residents.

According to Taxi Leaks,”Imperial Group are to hold an exhibition in mid July to showcase these proposals” and “it is hoped that Camden will include this proposal into the permanent consultation in September as their main choice”
The exhibition will take place on –
Thursday14th July 19.30 – 21.30
Saturday 16th July 10.30 -16.00
in the Emmerson Room,Mary Ward House on Tavistock Place.



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