Barbirolli tree felled


Not a good start to the Unlocking Parks pilot. This from Friends of Tavistock Square, sent to Camden officers this morning …


“Last night our Sir John Barbirolli’s memorial tree was fatally vandalised by persons unknown. This is a direct result of the lack of management and protection of our parks by keeping the gates open. This tree is now gone forever to the detriment of London and in particular Camden. It is time that you reverse this unacceptable and frankly ridiculous decision and start locking the Garden at nights immediately.

By now you have all been informed of our group’s (Friends of Tavistock Square) concerns and objections to the idea of withdrawing locking management to our garden.I also understand that you have been given a commentary of the numbers of rough sleepers and have been informed of the start of drug dealings using the cover of a dark and an open garden since this practice commenced.

Can you please as  a matter of urgency send your park rangers to investigate this mindless act and report it to appropriate authorities, we would be interested to know of your programme for re planting a suitable replacement tree also.”


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