Doorstep crime warning

Camden trading standards have told us they are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of reports coming through about older and vulnerable residents being targeted by rogue traders.  They say…

“In the last couple of months we have had some very serious incidents reported to trading standards and the police regarding home improvement companies targeting older vulnerable adults.  In each case the trader has insisted on cash payments which makes tracing them extremely difficult (eg £26,000 has been taken from one couple and their roof is leaking worse than ever).

Working in partnership with police we are doing all we can to find the offenders but these people travel long distances to commit fraud and are rather clever in covering their tracks.  They also trade victims to the extent that the details of vulnerable adults are sold to burglary teams who then repeatedly target them too.  The impact on health and wellbeing following frauds committed in the home and burglaries is such that older victims are more likely to end up in residential care not long after being targeted and in some instances, where the victim is humiliated enough by their own actions, they can actually give up on life completely.

Anyone concerned about incidents like this should call Citizen’s Advice Consumer Services helpline on 03454 04 05 06. Citizen’s Advice are the front line call takers for trading standards and they refer criminal matters through to the Council for investigation.



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