Marchmont Association AGM – 17th May

Regular attenders will know that we always try to invite a guest speaker on a hot topic of local interest to the Marchmont Association annual general meeting.

This year has presented us with something of a dilemma. The hot topic, it seems to us, is undoubtedly the various traffic schemes that are either in trial (Tavistock Place) or proposed (Judd St / Brunswick Square). But there has already been a public meeting about the Judd St plans – set up by the Council after some prompting from us and others. And we are planning a public meeting on the Tavistock Place trial – but not until late June / early July once LB Camden has the traffic monitoring data for the first six months of the scheme.

In that case, we’ve decided to make this year’s AGM a ‘business only’ event. But don’t be deterred …. that still means it will include a full account of our work over the last year with updates on new shops, the Friends of Brunswick Square Emma Festival, plans for Guilford Place loos to become a noodle bar, the Council’s plans to leave local parks and gardens open overnight, new blue plaques and, errr.. .. the new blog site.

Plus … in the last year the Committee has also considered how we might update the association’s aims to reflect the work we are now doing regarding development pressures, and to enable us to better communicate what we find out is going on in the area. We also want to encourage our supporters to become more involved. We’re therefore proposing the following minor amendments to the Constitution. These will be presented to the AGM.

MA Aims adopted at the 19.5.15 AGM.

a. To promote the on-going improvement of the Association’s area of benefit for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.

b. To conserve the area’s historic character and raise awareness of its rich social history.

c. To establish and maintain a safe, high quality street environment throughout the area of benefit, thereby ensuring that it remains an attractive place to live, work and visit.

d. To promote community spirit, pride of place and a sense of shared responsibility for the area’s success.

e. To work in partnership with statutory bodies, residents’ associations and other relevant organisations.

f. To attract inward investment from a variety of external sources for the betterment of the area.

The following amendments are proposed to the above Aims

To retain Aims a, b, c, and d and replace Aims e and f with: “e. To represent the interests of residents and businesses in cases of new development within the area”; and “f. To be a source of news and information about current activities and developments in the area.”
To insert below the Aims: “We will seek to achieve these Aims by – working in partnership and supporting the work of statutory bodies and other community and voluntary organisations in the area that share our Aims”; & “Attracting external funding from a variety of sources.” (the final two points will be bullet-pointed in the Constitution).

Date for your diary is 17th May, 6.45 for a 7pm start at the Bloomsbury Holiday Inn.

See you there.

Flyer attached – we’d be grateful if you can display locally ….




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