Judd St cycle plans opposed by RNIB

The Royal National Institute for the Blind has called for Transport for London to scrap its plans for extending the North-South cycle highway along Judd St, according to this week’s Camden New Journal.

The Institute has also raised concern about the proposal to replace the pelican crossing near to the RNIB’s home on Judd Street with a widened zebra crossing.

RNIB director Fazilet Hadi is quoted in the paper as saying: “We are extremely concerned that the dramatic increase in the number of cyclists, combined with the removal of the pelican crossing, will put many blind and partially sighted people at risk of injury. TfL must not assume that all blind people are easily identifiable and that cyclists can spot them in advance. Many people with sight loss do not use a cane or have a guide dog.”

A protest last week was supported by blind peers including former Labour home secretary David Blunkett.



One thought on “Judd St cycle plans opposed by RNIB

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