Roman lessons for Bloomsbury?

Is there an alternative to the road schemes now being trialed and planned for Bloomsbury? The schemes are intended to make driving more difficult in central London, so encouraging other modes of transport.  But critics fear they will create more congestion not less, and force local car drivers to take circuitous routes.

Amsterdam and Copenhagen are often cited as models for London – but local resident and planning expert Tony Tugnutt finds inspiration further south…

“So when in London why not do as the Romans do?

As someone lucky enough to have visited the Eternal City many times over the years, a scheme implemented there seem to be heaps more effective than Livingstone’s Congestion Charge. The Congestion Charge does nothing for pollution or city life just £££££ out of drivers’ pcokets. So why not send it packing like his bloomin red bendy buses, now blue, retired in Malta and catching alight friends tell me?”
Rome has a restricted area ZTL (“Zona Traffico Limitato”) in Centro Storico and Trastevere where driving is authorized only to local inhabitants or to individuals destined for a hotel in the restricted zone. Your hotel will assist you with the registration of your license plate number. The ZTL-zones in Rome are controlled by video cameras.


And this is the advice the city’s authorities give visitors…

“Rome is the third-most-visited tourist destination in Europe, the seat of the Italian Government and the Roman catholic church. In the centre of Rome parking is possible but very limited. The best option to park is a car park.

Traffic in Rome is chaotic and stressful. Roman car driver are sometimes aggressive. Our advice is to park your car as quickly as possible and spend your time in Rome car-free. Besides that, street parking in the historic center is hardly possible, there no parking bays.”


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