‘Rushed’ traffic consultation

Local residents have been given no assurance that traffic plans involving the closure of the Judd St / Euston Rd junction will be re-modelled, following last week’s public meeting.

Councillor Phil Jones has told Marchmont Voice that further design work may be undertaken after the local elections – but is only one of a “range of options open to us”, including implementing the scheme as currently proposed. No decisions are likely to be taken “until the summer or beyond”. The current consultation, which many local residents have described as rushed and incomplete, closes on Sunday March 20th.

At the meeting – one of three consultation events about the scheme – local residents highlighted a long list of limitations in the traffic modelling carried out by TfL and LB Camden so far, and said more time should be taken to properly assess the impact on levels of local traffic and air quality. These included the failure to take into account the impact of the Tavistock Place one-way trial scheme, or to consider the possible closure of Gordon St due to the HS2 works, if they go ahead. Traffic planners were also urged to model the possible alternative of using Mabledon Place as an exit onto Euston Rd, and to take into account the effects of the proposals on a wider area. The consequences for ambulances travelling to University College Hospital were also raised.

Local councillors say the 20th March deadline was set to get the consultation done before the start of the ‘quiet period’ that limits Council activities ahead of May’s local elections.  It’s also understood that backers of the scheme within the Council were anxious to get in budget bids before the Mayoral election. But they have admitted there were problems with the distribution of information about the consultation and that this will be better next time.


One thought on “‘Rushed’ traffic consultation

  1. With one exception, a non-resident in the area, everybody at the meeting expressed opposition to the proposals which seem designed to get all the traffic onto the already congested Euston Road and offered residents no way of getting West other than through Euston Road or the Strand , adding unnecessary miles (and pollution) to any simple journey. The Council seemed unaware of the static traffic on Judd St or the need for Judd St residents to get deliveries etc. Access to UCHospital is to be limited to going East all the way to Grays Inn Road and then, patiently, being stuck in traffic on Euston Road thus converting a brief journey to (at least) a 30 minute saga. Living on Judd St and in this area has been an enjoyable experience for the past 40 years and it is a pity to see it being ruined. Incidentally Brunswick Square is a very pleasant public garden with plenty of sitting and I cannot see why the Council feels tempted to pave the area outside the square to add to “pedestrian sitting”. It no way enhances the square and creates further vehicular access difficulties.
    Let us hope that the Council takes the strong feelings of residents into consideration.
    John Camacho

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