UCL comes out in support of new Tavistock Place cycle lanes

The Marchmont Association has no standing view on the new scheme but, given its influence, this looks significant from the University…

UCL President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur has written to LB Camden “strongly welcoming” the scheme and calling it a “a major step forward”.  He makes the point that UCL is “one of the largest institutions in the Borough of Camden, with over 38,000 students and 11,000 staff” and claims that “the changes to the Tavistock Place and Torrington Place cycle lanes are providing a safer means of cycling to and from the campus, as well as creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment by removing a large number of vehicles.”

Here’s how UCL imagines the Gordon / Torrington Square section looking in the future. Which is a lot neater than now.



2 thoughts on “UCL comes out in support of new Tavistock Place cycle lanes

  1. So happy that UCL can live with inconvenience and pollution caused to local residents, especially Judd Street, in order to have nice cycle lanes in Tavistock Place for its precious fee-paying students. We know who calls the shots in LB Camden, and it isn’t us.

  2. I live in Tavistock Place and this scheme has improved my life a 1000 times. Less noise pollution and less exhaust fumes. Just have to keep my eyes open for cyclists. Once the paving is done it will be a real nice calming place in the center of London.

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