North Sea Fish refurb

Leigh St has been on something of a winning streak in the Marchmont Association’s annualshopfront awards – the last two years have seen wins for ‘Vital Flowers’ and the ‘Pitted Olive’.

Staking an early claim to keep up that trend must be the North Sea Fish restaurant – where work has just completed on a stylish refurbishment. The false bay windows have gone, replaced by a smart modern look that also much more closely matches the first shop fronts from the early 19th Century design. Built between 1810 and 1830 these properties would have been residential with street-front ‘parlours’ originally. The conversion to the first retail use coming later in the century. The North Sea has been here since the early 80s.







One thought on “North Sea Fish refurb

  1. Dear Gareth, just to say I believe the North Sea goes back to the 70s in the present family ownership and could well have been in business before then. Thanks for all the alerts,

    Bw Anne

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