Traffic schemes – public meeting 10th March

Camden Council has announced a pubic meeting to discuss the various traffic schemes proposed for our area – the Midland Rd / Euston Rd / Judd St junction; the North-South Cycle Super Highway; the Brunswick Sq proposals; and the Kings Cross Gyratory (see previous blog).

For some reason the Council is requiring everyone who plans to attend to make a reservation. Those wanting to go are asked to submit names in advance to LB Camden traffic planner Darren Barton at

Barton, who is the design engineer for the Midland Rd scheme, said:

“We have received feedback that the various proposals have caused some confusion on how these schemes would impact local residents. To help explain the projects and how they interact, we have organised a public meeting on Thursday 10 March at 6.30pm at our new offices in Kings Cross (5 Pancras Square).”

Other officers from LB Camden who will be in attendance are Simi Shah (Joint Acting Head of Transport Strategy) and Dan Tait (Design Engineer – Brunswick Sq / North-South Cycle Superhighway).

Representatives from Transport for London will also be there.

Details of each scheme can be found online at the following links:


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