Love my neighbour ..

The Hillview ‘Love My Neighbour’ Festival is taking place next Saturday, August 5th, Whidborne Street from 2pm – 10pm.

Always great events, this year’s festival will be another fabulous day, MV is sure, incorporating live music, dance, circus skills and music workshops for all. There’s family activity with The British Library & October Gallery, a variety of stalls, world food and a cocktail bar. Friends, family and all welcome to enjoy the day.

My favourite was the year ‘The Witches’ played….


LSH&TM cafe plan scaled back

An application from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to convert part of its building on Tavistock Place into a restaurant/cafe has been granted – but with significant amendments, following an intervention from Bloomsbury Conservation Area Advisory Committee.
Plans for external seating, lighting and adverts have all been removed, and the internal layout changed to a dual restaurant/education space at the rear of the café. The café will only be open 8am-6.30pm Monday to Friday

In effect, LSH&TM has gone back to creating a meeting space for staff and students, and ensuring the cafe is only open for the same hours as the school. It has also agreed to important restrictions that will prevent the cafe being run by a separate operator, or chain.
Says Debbie Radcliffe of BCACC, “It’s a clear case that compromise is possible when one objects to inappropriate development in our neighbourhood.”

Confused about recycling?

MV has been able to confirm that residents’ recycling is now collected on the same day as our scheduled general waste collection, as indicated on the Camden/Veolia web site.  For example Marchmont Street is a daily collection for both.

This will do a lot to relieve residential forecourts of the recycling mountains which are created every Tuesday, which is a problem for the street environment as long as Veolia are not able to collect from the street by mid-morning.. The Camden website was due to be updated with this info – and maybe has been by now.

Favourite London

Spotted in today’s Financial Times …

Author Geoff Dyer, currently a resident of LA but once of Camden Town, picks Marchmont St as his favourite London place. “If I could choose to live anywhere in London it would be here” he says.

Judd St Books gets a big mention – “incredibly addictive” and “one of the best bookshops in London”. He reminisces playing on the “dismal-looking” tennis courts of Cartwright Gardens – but has noticed, on a recent trip back to London, that they are now “glamorous and fresh”.

And, for now, free for residents to play. Perfect for a sunny bank holiday.



Tavi Place public inquiry to start in October

The independent public inquiry on the future of the Tavistock / Torrington Place traffic scheme will begin on Tuesday 3rd October, the Council has announced this week. In the meantime the Secretary of State has given the agreement for the trial road layout to remain in place, until November. This gives us some indication that the inquiry is not expected to last more than a month.
Once the public inquiry has been held, Camden councillors will again look at the scheme, taking into account the report of the Inquiry inspector, before making their final decision about whether to maintain or remove it. By that time the trial layout will itself have been in place for more than two years.